Keith Jarrett's European Quartet

I'm so pleased at how these Saturday group classes are going - please feel free to stop by and hangout.  I will be presenting different mini-topics each week through the school term.  

On the Jan 23 class, I talked about the music Keith Jarrett wrote for his European quartet, thinking about the story from the Ian Carr biography saying he just jotted down some simple music on the plane ride over.  I also shared two of my versions of his song "The Windup" and "My Song".  There are lots of different versions out there, I just find these versions easiest to read for me.  For the Windup in particular I've seen lots of different ways of barring the phrases, I'm sure if I revisit it again I will play around with how I'm hearing those phrases even more.

If you are interested in seeing previous classes, please send me a message so I can add you to my group class mailing list.

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