Indian Music

I've started rehearsals with Vinay Bhide for a show May 10th at noon at City Hall.  Vinay has asked Mike Essoudry and me to join him to play what we feel fits in the performance of two pieces.  One is based on the Raga Rageshri, on which I have previously written an original piece, "Pas De Deux".  In the key of C, the notes for improvising are Bb-C-E-F-A-Bb-C and the downward notes are C-Bb-A-F-E-D-C.  After a few minutes of getting it in your ears, an accidental G sounds glaringly wrong.

I've also been checking out some music that I'm glad Spotify pushed on me - some recently released bootlegs of some 1960 Miles Davis live music with John Coltrane.  Basically the Kind of Blue band without Cannonball.  It's wild.  "All of Me" is the same arrangement as Miles usually does, but Coltrane chases down some wild sounds in the extended turnaround part of his solo.  And the crowd screams and eggs him on as he does it!  I'm excited to hear the rest.

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