Solo Piano - listening and playing

Not a lot of shows coming up with all of my accompanist work looming, but I thought I'd share some things I've been checking out.

I've been listening to Keith Jarrett's Radiance, and album I couldn't get into when it first came out.  Now that I've been doing more solo playing and my ears have improved, I thought it would be good to give it a few more passes.  The concept is that he takes an idea from the previous improvised piece and forms a new piece out of it, and de-emphasizes melody, contrary to a lot of his more famous improvised piano performances.  I also checked out Jessica Williams' Maybeck Hall album which is traditional in the rhythmic grooves, but refreshing in other ways, like extended techniques and low register melodic soloing.  When I played at the Record Centre today I tried to stick to grooves but also inject the occasional improvised piece based on another piece I'd played.  I ended up playing "Dreamy" and "Three, In All" after Darn That Dream and Four In One.  The only real tangible connection was one motif and a title to play off of. 

I also bought Bill Evans and Jane Ira Bloom LPs with the proceeds.  Thanks to everyone who comes out to this fun little morning monthly project.  I always leave feeling inspired.



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