Radio Play

My hopes of a regularly maintained thoughtful content-filled blog haven't materialized in the face of my regular practice and teaching schedule.  However, I thought this might be a great and easy way to keep track of fun news and things I'm doing as they happen, instead of constantly bombarding my e-mail list.

Most recently, I've been practicing video game theme songs for this Friday, when I'll be playing with the relatively new F8-BIT at Live on Elgin.

Alex and Michel were interviewed about the project on CBC's All In A Day recently.

I've also been listening to some new quartet recordings with Garry Elliott, Adrian Vedady and Camil Belisle that are just about ready to be mastered.  Previews will be available soon.

Thanks also to Laila Biali and CBC Radio, who have been recently playing my trio album and featured the cover in a recent post.

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