Jazz Standards- 16 you should know.

This past weekend I moderated a jam session for Jazzworks at the new Ottawa Bluesfest Music School.  I prepared a handout on tunes to know that I wanted to make available to all my students and those who couldn't make the jam.

For the last few months I have been looking over many other people's lists of standards, as well as pooling my peers for their opinions on the matter.  There are tons of great lists out there, from the great book by Ted Gioia to lots of websites.  I even remember coming across regional sites when I was on the road: "Tunes to know when jamming in Philly", for instance.  There were a few more Benny Golson tunes, I think.  I seem to remember U of T musicians learning Alone Together before Stella by Starlight, and in Boston you had to know Stablemates. 

I wanted the simplest list of all- one where any jazz musician really would be expected to know every tune on it.  Really there is no end to this list of potential "Don't you know...?" tunes, but let's start somewhere simple.

Click here to download the list.

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