My first solo piano CD, "Open Arms", is now available.

You can download it at CDBaby or on iTunes, as well as most download sites.

I was inspired to record this album a year after moving back from Boston.  That year was split between playing music in Ottawa, starting to tour with a broadway show, and attending the inspiring Golandsky Institute Piano Symposium.  The material is mostly original music with two exceptions, Pannonica by Thelonious Monk and Surf's Up by The Beach Boys.  "Pannonica" was a piece I was familiar with, but really got into when Ken Schaphorst at NEC showed me that through advanced melodic analysis you could prove the piece to be in C or Db- whichever key you wanted to prove it was in- which seems to me a lot of like the "observer effect" in quantum physics.  "Surf's Up" is
a later Beach Boys tune, one where Brian Wilson really explored more than just a typical pop structure, instead having three beautiful and different sections that could have easily each formed a basis for their own piece.

The album was recorded by Matt Ouimet on a Steinway owned by Harvey and Louise Glatt. 

Click here for a look at my blog post on "Isobel", which includes a video of me performing it solo.